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Magazine | Issue 2 2023 More information about CMC Swift and CPOL2 can be found on our website: DOWNLOAD NOW Try CMC Swift now and leave your laptop behind for simple checks in the future. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST Interested in this topic? Be sure to listen to our podcast episode “CMC Swift: Bringing a mobile testing app to life – The development of a mobile testing app for the CMC test sets”. Scan the QR-Code or visit: wiring checks in your substation with the CPOL2 – without any additional cable connections. In addition, the instrument transformer won’t be magnetized unintentionally due to the DC-free signal. Another new function also allows you to display power during wiring tests. This enables you to effortlessly check the power flow direction by reading the active power on the protection relay. Ramps and triggers with CMC Swift CMC Swift also provides two new functions for simple tests that enable a quick, manual setup for ramps and triggers. The output values for the ramp function can be adjusted live via a distinct input area until a trip operation occurs. Triggers for controlling the test procedure can be set up in the app for the binary inputs and overloads. This means, for example, that you can stop the output from the test variables immediately when a specific switching event occurs. Supply the protection relay with voltage In addition to the output of the sawtooth signal, the current version of CMC Swift also offers the option of controlling the DC output of your CMC in order to supply the protection relay with power during testing. 25