OMICRON Magazine

Magazine | Issue 2 2023 The technical presentations on this crucial topic also included an in-depth talk about cybersecurity. Andreas Klien from OMICRON addressed the issue by discussing the importance of attack detection and vulnerability management. With over 30 seminars, the guests could delve into specific areas of expertise. Among the most popular of these seminars were “Interference analysis made easy,” “IEC 61850 for beginners,” and “Ground fault, how best to test.” A particular highlight from this year’s event was a visit to OMICRON’s headquarters in nearby Klaus, Austria. The OMICRON product management staff was ready to respond to questions during the evening’s exhibition in the OMICRON Customer Care Center, allowing visitors to benefit from practical insights and first-hand experience. During practical seminars, the product managers demonstrated their respective products, such as StationScout, StationGuard, COMPANO 100, RelaySimTest, and the Adresys ANGEL React system, in a realistic environment with authentic substation elements that enabled them to simulate the participants’ everyday life. Company tours allowed the attendees to learn more about OMICRON’s technology and workflow. They were also able to play a role in influencing the future GUM event concept by using an idea box, app, online survey, or through direct exchange. GUM 2024 June 4–6, 2024 in Wolfsburg, Germany Don’t miss an event – activate event information in your customer portal now! your fingertips 31