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Magazine | Issue 2 2023 EXAMPLE 1: AN ALL-ROUNDER AT WORK Vincent Pfeiler founded SHB Electric in 2010 as a sole proprietorship and now employs about 30 people. SHB Electric provides maintenance, installation, and repair for electrical equipment. Among other various tools, COMPANO 100 is being used as a testing device. Vincent gives insight into his work in the following interview and shares his experiences with COMPANO 100. Hello Vincent Pfeiler, thank you for making the time to speak to us. Are there any trends emerging in your field? Vincent Pfeiler: In the early days of SHB Electric, the company’s activities were mainly limited to cleaning, replacement, and mechanical maintenance of electrical equipment. However, the tasks have become much more complex in recent years. The focus has shifted towards testing and commissioning, so appropriate test equipment now plays a central role in our work. A positive aspect of this is customers’ increased interest in testing solutions. What tests do you perform at the customer‘s site? We perform a variety of tests on electrical equipment at the customer’s site. These include circuit breaker contact resistance, switching times, maximum phase and ground current protection, transformation ratios, and testing instrument transformers. Recently, there have been increasing requests for partial discharge tests, but unfortunately, we don’t have the necessary equipment yet. Why did you decide to go with COMPANO 100? We were impressed by its versatility, compact size, and battery-powered operation. We use many of OMICRON’s applications for testing, but we have also found other uses for this device. For example, the COMPANO 100 is also very suitable for measuring the ratio of distribution transformers. How has COMPANO 100 changed your work routine? With COMPANO 100, we can provide more personnel with the necessary equipment for testing substations. COMPANO 100 makes this possible by combining the functions of four devices in one. This eliminates the need for the following devices: single-phase current and voltage source, micro-ohmmeter, milli-ohmmeter, and single-phase ratiometer. COMPANO 100 has been so convincing that we’re using five devices now. Thanks for your time. › Maintenance, installation, and repair for electrical equipment › Founded in 2010 › 30 employees › 24/7 support › Operating throughout France and abroad as well SHB ELECTRIC 35