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Magazine | Issue 2 2023 EXAMPLE 2: WHAT KINDS OF CHANGES WILL THE ELECTRIFICATION OF INDUSTRY BRING? In the decarbonization process, many energy-intensive industrial processes are being electrified. This development often makes maintaining power quality a major challenge. Electric arc furnaces and rolling mills in the steel industry have a particularly negative impact on power quality. In this context, Yusuf Gok from our sales partner MARKE gave us an excellent opportunity for a field test in Türkiye. During the test, we used COMPANO 100 and a new function for the calculated measurement in a compensation system for power quality. Yusuf shares his insights with us in the following interview. Hello Yusuf Gok, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Why are many industrial companies in Türkiye changing their processes? Yusuf Gok: Türkiye’s export orientation is leading companies to invest in expanding production capacities and modernization with new technologies for energy efficiency. In addition, Türkiye’s geopolitical and strategic location makes it increasingly interesting for international companies. The resulting new investments are primarily focused on future-proof technologies and are driving the electrification of industry forward. Another accelerating factor is that many companies are entering the energy market. They aim to cut costs with renewable energies and profit from electricity sales. Electric arc furnace for steel production 36