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› Testing solutions for electrical power industry › Founded in 1993 › Representation of OMICRON in Türkiye › Authorized training center of the OMICRON Academy MARKE ELEKTRONIK What kinds of challenges does this transformation present? Modern devices are much more sensitive to power quality issues. Therefore, a stable, continuous, and reliable power supply is vital to their operation. In this context, compensation systems are essential in ensuring power quality in the industrial sector. Voltage fluctuations and other disturbances can only be reduced by using such equipment to provide the required power quality. What was your experience with the COMPANO 100 field test like? We tested a wide range of equipment, such as circuit breakers, disconnectors, protection relays, current transformers, voltage transformers, harmonic filters, capacitors, and the grounding system. The results were very impressive due to COMPANO 100’s efficiency. The new calculated measurement function allowed us to verify that the capacitors met their labels’ specifications without disconnecting them. How do you see the potential of the new type of calculated measurement? The new type of calculated measurement has great potential for testing capacitor units. As the number of compensation systems is constantly increasing, the need for testing capacitor units will also increase. Adding this new function to the wide range of functions it already has, makes COMPANO 100 an excellent choice for this testing area. Thanks for your time. COMPANO 100 used to test in Türkiye Compensation system in the industrial sector 37