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Close command integrated Trip command integrated Executing the test step Digital Twin preparation Test setup 1 2 3 4 5 With the most recent version of RelaySimTest, users can efficiently validate virtual protection systems, including protection design, logic and communication. As with physical protection systems using RelaySimTest, the new version can also iteratively adapt its power system calculation to the response of virtual IEDs. The application programming interface (API) from the Siemens SIPROTEC DigitalTwin is used for COMTRADE exchanges between the DigitalTwin and RelaySimTest. The patented Iterative Closed Loop (ICL) technology creates test signals that respond to the sequence of trip and close commands issued by IEDs with precision. OMICRON CMC users have been using ICL to efficiently validate physical protection systems with physical IEDs for many years. Now they can also test virtual systems consisting of virtual IEDs. Right now, Digital Twin protection technology is available with the SIPROTEC line. The only things required to test a virtual protection system like this are the following: › A SIPROTEC DigitalTwin subscription › A RelaySimTest Digital Twin subscription › A good internet connection › An internet browser LISTEN TO THE PODCAST Interested in this topic? In this episode, we will learn about the concept of the digital twin and its application as a diagnostic and condition assessment tool in the electrical power industry. Scan the QR-Code or visit: 8