Circuit Breaker Testing Around the World 2 | Europe

Learn about the types of circuit breakers used in Europe and how are they tested.

Circuit Breakers are the most essential assets for turning on and off any connections in the power grid. Different regions in the world use very different circuit breakers, and very different testing methods.

In our new Energy Talks mini-series, called “Circuit Breaker Testing Around the World”, we look at the different types of circuit breakers and testing methods used in various regions of the globe. OMICRON circuit breaker testing expert Stefan Achberger is your host.

In this second episode, Stefan speaks with Bastian Wölke, an Electrical Apparatus Testing Expert at Westnetz GmbH, which is a distribution network operator for electricity and gas based in northern Germany. Bastian has 25 years of experience testing medium-voltage switchgears. More information about Westnetz GmbH can be found here.

Bastian describes new technologies used in Germany, the commonly used SF6 breakers, modern SF6 alternatives, as well as the future of circuit breaker testing. Lastly, Bastian also gives practical advice for engineers who want to start to perform circuit breaker testing themselves.

Learn more about circuit breaker testing and find a testing solution here: 

Switchgear Testing

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"We have 15.000 MV circuit breakers to maintain. That’s why we put a lot of thinking into the right measurement techniques.”

- Bastian Wölke, Medium Voltage Switchgear Expert, Westnetz GmbH, Germany

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