Circuit Breaker Testing Around the World 3 | Oceania

Learn about the types of circuit breakers used in Oceania and how are they tested.

Circuit Breakers are the most essential assets for turning on and off any connections in the power grid. Different regions in the world use very different circuit breakers, and very different testing methods.

In our Energy Talks mini-series, called “Circuit Breaker Testing Around the World”, we look at the different types of circuit breakers and testing methods used in various regions of the globe. OMICRON circuit breaker testing expert Stefan Achberger is your host.

In this third episode, Stefan speaks with OMICRON technical support engineers Florian Predl and Tibor Congo from the OMICRON office in Melbourne, Australia. Both have many years of power system testing experience down under in Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands – a region known as Oceania.

Florian and Tibor describe the wide variety of circuit breaker types installed in this region and the environmental challenges they are faced with. They also explain the types of tests typically used to assess medium- and high-voltage circuit breaker condition and how they are performed.

Lastly, Florian and Tibor describe future trends in circuit breaker technology in their region and how this will influence diagnosis, such as the use of online testing and trending.

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"We have a wide variety of circuit breaker types here. Usually, the application specifications determine the type used.”

- Florian Predl, Technical Support Engineer, OMICRON Australia

“Heat is a big factor in the Australian Outback, so we had to build roofs over the circuit breakers to protect them from the extreme heat.”

- Tibor Congo, Technical Support Engineer, OMICRON Australia



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