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Discover how the flexible and easy-to-use CIBANO 500 is used with great satisfaction worldwide.

In our Energy Talks mini-series, called “Circuit Breaker Testing Around the World”, we look at the different types of circuit breakers and testing methods used in various regions of the globe. OMICRON circuit breaker testing expert Stefan Achberger is your host.

In this fifth and final episode of this miniseries, Stefan speaks with two other OMICRON circuit breaker testing experts, Andreas Nenning and Ari Tirroniemi. Both experts are based in Austria and are knowledgeable about how circuit breaker is performed in different regions of the world.

Stefan starts the discussion by asking Andreas and Ari to comment on previous miniseries episodes in which various expert guests discussed how circuit breaker testing is performed in different regions of the world – including on live tank and dead tank circuit breakers as well as medium-voltage GIS. Andreas and Ari verify the challenges with testing on these different circuit breaker types by sharing their own testing experiences.

The discussion then identifies a common thread in testing on various circuit breaker types and performing the various standard tests around the world – all of the tests described in previous episodes were performed with OMICRON’s CIBANO 500.

Andreas and Ari describe how CIBANO 500 was initially developed based on customer requests for an easier-to-use solution for circuit breaker testing, and after 10 years has become the standard device for circuit breaker testing with many satisfied users around the world.

Andreas and Ari highlight popular CIBANO 500 features, such as the device’s internal power supply, minimal wiring, and the device’s muti-functionality to perform all standard tests quickly and safely with the easy-to-use Primary Test Manager (PTM) software for creating reusable test workflows that guide users when performing measurements and reporting results.

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“CIBANO 500 can be used all over the world, and our user base proves that. The modular design and flexibility of the device results in many happy faces among users."

- Andreas Nenning, Product Manager, OMICRON

Our CIBANO 500 is designed to be used for testing all kinds of medium-voltage and high-voltage circuit breakers. It allows users to perform the most standard circuit breaker tests quickly, easily and safely.”

- Ari Tirroniemi, Application Engineer, OMICRON

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