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RelaySimTest, Famille de produit CMC

System-Based Line Protection Testing with RelaySimTest

OMICRON Academy Online
Webinaire (enregistré)
RelaySimTest, Famille de produit CMC


Line protection is one of the most used applications in protection systems. Distance function in combination with Auto Reclosing or Teleprotection Schemes require a thorough – yet easy – test strategy. With a system-based test approach in combination with RelaySimTest you can easily verify your protection system and even test multi-terminal applications. 


  • Learn how to perform system-based tests for Distance protection, Auto Reclosure and Teleprotection with RelaySimTest
  • Experience how Iterative Closed Loop works on the example of Auto Reclosure
  • Get an overview of the new possibilities for End-to-End test setups with RelaySimTest


  • Testing of Distance Protection in a system-based way: influences of fault resistance, double infeed
  • Testing of Automatic Reclosing with Iterative Closed-Loop method
  • End-to-End (distributed) testing of Teleprotection schemes
  • Get a live demonstration performing line protection tests
  • Controlling multiple CMCs using Device Remote Agent
  • Time synchronisation of CMCs with CMGPS 588 




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Technical staff from electric utilities, service companies and manufacturers involved in protection testing


The webinar “Introduction to System-Based Protection Testing with RelaySimTest” (Wprs08en) or basic knowledge about the RelaySimTest software is helpful for this webinar, but not mandatory. A basic understanding of relay testing is beneficial to maximize your learning experience.


  • RelaySimTest Software
  • Device Remote Agent
  • CMC Family
  • CMGPS 588


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