IEC 61850 Substation Automation System testing and simulation


StationScout simplifies testing in Substation Automation Systems (SAS) and reduces the required effort significantly. The innovative solution consisting of software and hardware allows cyber secure connection to the SAS.


Key benefits

Status overview

StationScout provides a clear overview of the substation, visualizing the communication according to IEC 61850 in SCL files, values and states in the substation.

Signal tracing

The communication diagram of StationScout allows for signal tracing, from the overview down to the detailed communication message attributes.

Automated testing

StationScout is able to re-use predefined test plans for an automated testing procedure.

Cyber security

The dedicated hardware of StationScout ensures cyber secure operation within the substation communication network.


The powerful simulation features of StationScout simplify testing and commissioning. Missing IEDs and IOs can also be simulated.

Defining own names

IEC 61850 abbreviations are quite cryptic. Defining of own names in StationScout allows for comfortable asset handling.

StationScout is designed for all lifecycle phases of a IEC 61850 substation automation system.

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