Digital Transformation in the Power Industry 4 | Data Validation

Discover how the validation of measurement data lays the foundation for more reliable assessments.

In this episode, OMICRON data transformation experts David Gopp and Lukas Klingenschmid talk about the validation of measurement data and the role it plays in achieving a successful digital transformation in the power industry.

They explain how data validation is used to check different factors that can influence the consistency and quality of measurement data, such as the measurement setup, the accuracy of the measurement device, as well as possible effects caused by the environment.

David and Lukas also emphasize the necessity to validate measurement data before it is processed, distributed and used for asset condition assessments and maintenance planning. For example, an incorrect condition assessment resulting from inaccurate measurement data can lead to misinformed decisions and costly mistakes.

Lastly, David and Lukas describe how artificial intelligence based on the use of smart algorithms can be successfully applied to validate the integrity of measurement data.


“If measurement data quality is bad, it will be impossible to carry out an accurate assessment of asset condition.”

David Gopp, Digital Transformation Expert, OMICRON


Data validation checks the accuracy and quality of the data’s source before importing, processing or using it.

Lukas Klingenschmid, Digital Transformation Expert, OMICRON

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