Three-phase test system for comprehensive power transformer testing
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One system – multiple tests

TESTRANO 600 is the world‘s first portable, three-phase test system to perform
all common electrical tests on power transformers.
Turns Ratio
Exciting Current
DC Winding Resistance
Dynamic Resistance
Short-Circuit Impedance /
Leakage Reactance
Frequency Response of Stray Losses
Power / Dissipation Factor (with CP TD12/15)

Easy connection

Simplified and faster testing

With TESTRANO 600 you can cut down testing time to one third, compared to testing times with conventional single-phase test sets. The reduced wiring effort additionally increases efficiency and safety.
Three powerful sources
Intuitive connection
Active discharge
Safety first
Wider frequency range
Rugged and compact design

Multiple ways to operate

Cornelius Plath,
Product manager for TESTRANO 600

5 reasons to get TESTRANO 600

  • True three-phase power transformer test system
  • Powerful device with 3 x 33 A DC or 400 V AC
  • Reduced connection effort as same connection can be used for various tests
  • Three times faster testing
  • Total weight of 20 kg / 44 lbs – ideal for on-site testing

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