Powerful analysis with DANEO Control

07 Feb 2017

DANEO 400 is your measurement and analysis system for fault recording, verification of IEC 61850 communication, supervision of network traffic and network performance assessments. Setup and control one or multiple devices using the powerful software DANEO Control which comes with new impressive analysis features in version 4.00.

What’s new in DANEO Control 4.00:

  • Create calculations by combining signals with an operator (+, −, ×, ÷, %) and use these calculations for recording, triggering, observation and analysing.
  • Observe instantaneous values of signals to quickly analyze and verify the wave form. Configure a data range to define the number of displayed cycles.
  • Easily observe phase relations between signals with the phasor diagram.
  • Use the harmonic spectrum diagram to find predominant harmonics at the first sight.
  • Observe and supervise quality information in GOOSE and Sampled Values.
    Use this information to trigger recordings on quality changes and get notifications via email.
  • Use an unattended device and observe the live values without interrupting the current operation. Continue your work, preserving the current configuration saved in the device.

Further information about new features can be found in the What’s New document. 

Download the latest DANEO Control software version in the Customer Portal or, if DANEO Control is already installed, by checking for updates.

Please find more information about DANEO 400 and DANEO Control on the product page.

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