PTM software version 4.20 available

November 9, 2017

The Primary Test Manager™ (PTM) software supports you during diagnostic tests on circuit breakers, current and voltage transformers, rotating machines, grounding systems, power transformers as well as associated equipment such as bushings and on-load tap changers (OLTC).

The software guides you through the testing process with comprehensive testing procedures and detailed wiring diagrams. Tests can be automatically assessed in accordance with the applicable international IEEE and IEC standards. PTM also provides you with powerful reporting functionalities such as customized, individual reports about test objects, test results and assessments.

Further improvements and new features


  • New application “grounding system testing” implemented, thus easy data management, diagnostic testing and condition assessment of grounding systems
  • Implementation of new features for data management such as bulk import/export functionality, customized ExcelTM reporting 

CPC 100

  • Integration of new composite error test on C-class protection current transformers with assessment according to IEEE C57.13
  • Integration of new stator winding power/dissipation factor and capacitance test on rotating machines, using CPC 100 + CP TD1 + CP CR500
  • Integration of common diagnostic tests on grounding systems, such as testing of ground impedance and step & touch voltage, using CPC 100 + HGT1 


  • Integration of per phase short-circuit impedance/leakage reactance test and frequency response of stray losses
  • Integration of high-voltage turns ratio test (with 10 kV) using TESTRANO 600 + CP TD1
  • Integration of power loss at low voltage test according to GHOST 3484.1
  • Additional acoustic signal (“beeper”) indicating the status of the main device outputs and inputs to increase safety during testing 


  • Automatic execution of grouped tests in order to perform a series of pre-configured tests without further user interaction
  • Extension of pre-insertion resistor (PIR) measurement capabilities without any further CIBANO 500 accessories
  • Improved timing tests as well as dynamic- and static contact resistance tests by combining both CB MC2 channels resulting in a powerful current source (up to 200 A)
  • Improved reporting functionality for customized reports and common output formats, such as Microsoft ExcelTM or PDF
  • New CIBANO programming interface (API) to allow integration of the test device into customer’s process environment, e.g. for manufacturers 

Download the latest PTM software version for CPC 100/80TESTRANO 600CIBANO 500DIRANA or FRANEO 800 in the Customer Portal (for registered users). 

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