RelaySimTest V2.00 available

17 Feb 2017

RelaySimTest is a unique software for system-based protection testing using one or more CMC test sets. Its application-oriented testing can reveal failures created during calculations as well as during setup of the relay or a protection scheme, requiring only a minimum of test steps.

New and extended functionalities

The new 2.00 version of the RelaySimTest software offers various new features and improvements:

  • Central Power System – Reuse testing templates and adapt power system data only once
  • Improved Power System Editor & Workflow – Setup the whole system under test within the power system editor
  • Enhanced simulation performance – Longer durations and faster calculations
  • ARCO 400 support
  • IRIG-B support – CMC as IRIG-B slave
  • Enhanced circuit breaker simulation – Multiple CB simulations per CMC
  • Changes to the document can be made without losing existing test results

Please find more information about RelaySimTest on the product page. You can download the new software version free-of-charge from our Customer Portal

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