Measuring C-Divider Capacitance on Capacitor Voltage Transformers

Discover a new method for reliably determining C-divider capacitances on CVTs with OMICRON’s VOTANO 100.

Over several years, voltage transformers worldwide have been effectively diagnosed using the model-based approach of OMICRON’s VOTANO 100 testing system. However, determining the capacitance values of capacitive dividers, also known as C-dividers, has been an unresolved parameter calculated from the system’s automatic measurements.  

In this episode, OMICRON voltage transformer testing experts Thomas Bischof and Felix Feustel introduce the new measurement method they developed using OMICRON’s VOTANO 100 to determine C-divider capacitance on capacitor voltage transformers (CVTs). 

They describe the significance of their new, patented measurement method and how it can now be automatically and reliably performed regardless of the CVT design.

More information about voltage transformer testing can be found here:

Instrument Transformer Testing 

Thomas and Felix were also guests on Energy Talks episode 34, where they discussed How to Test Voltage Transformers Like a Pro.


“It's very valuable to perform a measurement of the capacitance values, because the capacitance stack is known to be the most problematic element of the CVT.”

Thomas Bischof, Application Engineer, OMICRON


“Repeated measurements allow you to monitor variations in the capacitance values so you can keep track of what is changing and where the problematic elements are.”

Felix Feustel, Product Manager, OMICRON

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