stycznia 14 - 16, 2025
Wielka Brytania (Stafford)

Automated Power System Protection Testing

stycznia 14 - 16, 2025
Wielka Brytania (Stafford)


You will learn how to efficiently test overcurrent, distance and transformer differential relays with the OMICRON Test Universe. Become familiar with the test procedures in theoretical and hands-on sessions and get to know the benefits of automated testing and reusable test templates.

Cel szkolenia

  • Get familiar with the CMC test set and the Test Universe software for testing overcurrent protection relays
  • Get to know important safety aspects for test preparation and execution
  • Refresh your technical knowledge of overcurrent, distance and differential protection
  • Be able to choose the appropriate software modules for testing distance and transformer differential relays
  • Become more efficient in testing by creating and expanding reusable test plans
  • Know the OMICRON support options including technical support, knowledge library and the worldwide community
  • Get to know the full range of OMICRON solutions for protection testing

Treść szkolenia

  • Power system protection principles and typical substation topologies
  • Overview of protection testing basics
  • Introduction to the OMICRON Control Center (OCC) and relevant test modules
  • Modelling of the relay characteristics in the Test Object for subsequent testing
  • Test setup and configuration options for the CMC test set
  • Quick current and voltage output for easy wiring tests
  • Fundamentals of non-directional overcurrent protection functions
  • Creating a reusable test plan (OCC file) for testing non-directional overcurrent relays
  • Hands-on testing of non-directional overcurrent protection
  • Fundamentals of distance, ground fault and transformer differential protection functions
  • Creating a reusable test plan for testing distance relays
  • Creating a reusable test plan for testing transformer differential relays
  • Testing ground fault protection with RelaySimTest using realistic network simulation
  • Hands-on testing of distance and transformer differential relays as well as ground fault protection function

Czas trwania



Course Information: 

After registering, using the ‘Register Now’ button, you’ll receive an automated email confirming that your registration has been received. However, this initial confirmation does not guarantee your place on the course. 

Subsequently, you’ll receive a personal email that confirms your registration status and provides essential course information, including the agenda and directions. 

Purchase Information: 

  • If you’re attending training courses at the Stafford Training Centre in the UK, you’ll need to address the purchase order to OMICRON electronics UK Limited.
  • The purchase location is Unit 2A Staples Close, Redhill Business Park, Stafford ST16 1WQ, United Kingdom.
  • When submitting your registration form please ensure you include details about your chosen payment method (Purchase order, direct invoice or credit/debit card)
  • VAT at a rate of 20% will be applied at time of invoicing.

Price Details: The cost covers various aspects, including training, training materials, refreshments, snacks, and lunches.

Odbiorcy szkolenia

Technical staff from utilities or companies working mainly in commissioning or maintenance testing

Wymagania wstępne

Basic knowledge of power system protection


Test Universe: QuickCMC, Ramping, Pulse Ramping, State Sequencer, Overcurrent, Advanced Distance, Advanced Differential
OMICRON Control Center
RelaySimTest, CMControl, ADMO

GBP 2 040
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