Dielectric moisture analysis of power transformers with DIRANA

czerwca 12, 2024
Austria (Klaus)
3in1 – Power Transformer Testing Days


Learn how to use DIRANA and the corresponding software to perform dielectric response measurements, analyze the measurement curves and determine the water content of power transformers.

Cel szkolenia

  • Using the DIRANA to measure the dielectric response on power transformers
  • Connecting different transformer types
  • Handling practical issues like a noisy environment
  • Doing the interpretation of the dielectric response curves
  • Determining the water content

Treść szkolenia

  • Sources of water in transformers
  • Methods of water determination
  • Measurement of the dielectric response of power transformers
  • Analysis of dielectric response curves
  • Case studies

Czas trwania

1 day


09:00 a.m. - 05:30 p.m.


You will receive a personal email with all course information such as agenda and route directions shortly before the training course.  

Price details:  the training, the training documents, refreshments, snacks and lunch are included.


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Or benefit from the transformer training days and learn different OMICRON test solutions for transformer diagnostics.


Odbiorcy szkolenia

Technical staff involved in transformer testing in utilities, service companies, transformer manufacturers or repair shops

Wymagania wstępne

Knowledge of electrical engineering


DIRANA software
DIRANA hardware and its accessories

EUR 920
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