Partial discharge diagnostics on oil-filled transformers with the MPD 800 and the PDL 650


Become familiar with the basic principles of partial discharge measurements applicable for oil-filled transformers using the MPD 800 and PDL 650 systems.
Learn to measure and locate partial discharge activity in oil-filled transformers with hands-on sessions on a 69 kV 10 MVA transformer. Get a systematic introduction to the interpretation of test results.

Cel szkolenia

  • Measure and locate partial discharges on oil-filled transformers with the MPD 800 and PDL 650.
  • Learn to use acoustic PD localization for oil-filled transformers.
  • Perform measurements to determine the insulation condition and identify fault types and fault location.

Treść szkolenia

  • Getting to know the MPD 800 system
  • Getting to know the PDL 650 system
  • Understanding how partial discharges are measured
  • Connecting the MPD to transformers
  • Getting to know the MPD software for efficient measurements
  • Performing partial discharge tests according to IEC 60270 and other relevant standards
  • Performing real partial discharge measurements in hands-on sessions
  • Getting to know PRPD and acoustic localization
  • Interpreting partial discharge test results
  • Handling interferences

Czas trwania

1 day


8am - 5pm


You will receive a tentative confirmation within a couple days of registering.  Do NOT purchase any flights until you receive the FINAL confirmation confirming that we will still be hosting the in-person class.

This class is eligible for PDH and NETA Credits.

Odbiorcy szkolenia

Technical staff from manufacturers, electric utilities, railway and service companies to be involved in partial discharge testing and condition assessment of cables

Wymagania wstępne

Basic knowledge of PD measurements


MPD 800, PDL 650 and accessories

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