września 7, 2022
(17:00 - 22:00 UTC +02:00)
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Webinar (Online)
ARCO 400

Recloser control testing with ARCO 400 Virtual Class

września 7, 2022
(17:00 - 22:00 UTC +02:00)
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Webinar (Online)
ARCO 400


Learn how to test recloser and sectionalizer controls quickly and reliably with ARCO 400. Become familiar with the software guided workflow of ARCO Control and learn how to prepare reusable test plans for standardized testing.

Cel szkolenia

  • Become familiar with the theory of reclosers and their application in the distribution system
  • Perform easy and efficient tests of recloser and sectionalizer controls
  • Learn about voltage-based distribution system restoration and how to test it
  • Prepare reusable test plans with ReCoPlan for standardized and time-saving tests


  • Theoretical background of reclosers and sectionalizers, their protective functions and automated distribution restoration schemes
  • Getting to know the easy test setup of ARCO 400 and its smart controller adapters
  • Performing simple manual trip and close checks just with the ARCO hardware
  • ARCO Control overview
  • Performing wiring checks
  • Determining pick-up values of overcurrent curves
  • Testing the reclosing sequence of recloser controls under various conditions
  • Testing overcurrent operating characteristics
  • Getting to know the testing principles of voltage-based restoration schemes
  • Testing 2nd harmonic blocking functions
  • Creating test plans with ReCoPlan and executing them with ARCO Control

Czas trwania

10:00 a.m. CDT (5 hours), UTC-5:00


4 hours + 1 hour lunch break

Full agenda can be seen here:



The webinar will start at 10am - Houston, TX, USA time each day

Participant Certificates will be provided only to those who register AND attend.
NETA CTD Credits can be earned with this webinar.
IACET CEU Credit can be earned by completing the daily quizzes after the course.

Please have everyone register individually if they want to receive the recordings or certificates.


Technical staff from electric utilities, service companies and manufacturers involved in recloser maintenance, installation and testing


Basic knowledge about distribution systems and protective devices


ARCO 400
Different controller adapters
ARCO Control

USD 300
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