CMC 356

ELT-1 (EnerLyzer and Transducer) Hardware Option

This option

  • turns the 10 binary inputs into multifunctional analog AC and DC measuring inputs. In connection with the EnerLyzer-SW-license, this function allows to use the CMC 356 as a 10 channel current and voltage transient recorder, measurement device for amplitude, phase, frequency, power (S, P, Q), harmonics, trend recorder etc.
  • adds DC measuring inputs (0 ... 10 V / 0 ... 20 mA) to the CMC 356 test set. DC measuring inputs can be used for testing measurement transducers.

LLO-2 Hardware Option

This option adds additional 6 low level outputs to a CMC 356/353/256plus/256-6 (NET-1). The total amount of generators that can be controlled by the test set is extended from 16 to 22 (CMC 353: 13 to 19). The low level outputs can be used to directly test relays with low level inputs or can be used to control additional external amplifiers like CMS 356.

The low level outputs can simulate signals from non conventional CTs and VTs with low level interfaces. Unique is that Rogowski-coil signals can be simulated not only steady state but also for transients.

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