Interface box for sending or receiving the IRIG-B protocol or PPS signals

CMIRIG-B is an interface box enabling the connection of devices sending or receiving the IRIG-B protocol or PPS signals with CMC test sets. CMGPS 588 can optionally be used as source of a synchronizing trigger pulse or PPS signal.

Compatible test sets: CMC 356, CMC 353, CMC 256plus, CMC 850, CMC 256-6 with NET-1 Option


  • Synchronization of the analog outputs of two or more CMC test sets with an external IRIG-B protocol or PPS signal. Example: End-to-end testing
  • Testing of wide area protection with IRIG-B functionality using the IRIG-B time protocol generated by the CMC test set. Example: Testing of phasor measurement units (PMU). Supported standard (IRIG-B extension): IEEE C37.118 (Synchrophasor standard)
  • Master/Slave Operation: A CMC test set (master) generates an IRIG-B protocol and synchronizes other CMC test sets (slaves) at the same location

 Software modules supporting CMIRIG-B

  • State Sequencer
  • Pulse Ramping
  • Advanced TransPlay
  • Advanced Differential
  • NetSim
  • PQ Signal Generator
  • EnerLyzer
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