Protection Testing – Settings-Based and System-Based Approaches

Learn about the differences between these two testing approaches and how they should be used together. 

Protection systems play a key role for the safe and reliable operation of today’s electricity power systems. This is relevant for all power system grids in generation, transmission and distribution, industrial, railway, and marine applications. In order to guarantee their reliable operation, protection systems should be tested on a regular basis.

There are two different approaches to protection testing: one approach is called settings-based protection testing and the other is called system-based protection testing.

In this episode, OMICRON protection testing experts Cord Mempel and Christopher Pritchard discuss the differences between these two testing approaches, their advantages, and how they can be combined in a meaningful way. They also describe the OMICRON solutions available for each testing approach and offer their insights on the future of protection testing.

More information about protection testing is available here.


Using both test approaches offers significant advantages.”

- Cord Mempel, OMICRON Test Universe Product Manager


“Our main motivation is and always has been to make power systems more reliable.”

Christopher Pritchard, OMICRON RelaySimTest Product Manager

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