Digital Transformation in the Power Industry 3 | Cybersecurity

Learn how to successfully implement cybersecurity into critical power system infrastructures.

We focus on the topic of cybersecurity in Part 3 of our Energy Talks miniseries called Digital Transformation in the Power Industry.

In this episode, OMICRON cyber security experts Thomas Friedel and Eugenio Carvalheira discuss the importance of cybersecurity in the digital transformation and how it plays a critical role in power system infrastructures.

Some governments, such as in Germany, have introduced laws which require all companies with critical infrastructures to fulfill a certain level of cybersecurity for their equipment and facilities. Other governments handle this topic differently. However, one thing is for certain: There are increasing risks of cyber attacks on critical power system infrastructures throughout the world which can have dangerous repercussions.

Thomas and Eugenio describe recent cybersecurity directives in Europe and North America and their implications for power system organizations around the world. They also discuss the challenges these organizations face in successfully implementing cybersecurity into their infrastructures and offer tips to meet these challenges.  

Lastly, they describe how OMICRON is involved with cybersecurity and which solutions it offers to the power industry to deal with the growing threat of cyber attacks.

Learn more about implementing cybersecurity in critical power system infrastructures here:

Cybersecurity for Protection and Control Engineers 


“Power system organizations should involve OT experts more during the process of selecting cyber security solutions.”

- Thomas Friedel, Cyber Security Expert, OMICRON


“For a successful implementation of cyber security, utilities should be thinking about best practices and be open to new technology.”

- Eugenio Carvalheira, Cyber Security Expert, OMICRON

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