Vulnerability Management in Substations and Power Plants

Learn how vulnerability management tools ensure a more effective cybersecurity in power grids.

With increased digitalization, the vulnerability of power utility systems to cyber attacks, blackmail and blackouts is on the rise. In this episode, you will discover how power utilities can best manage cybersecurity risks and protect their systems from intrusion.

It is essential that power utilities take proactive steps to ensure the security of their systems, such as implementing vulnerability management processes and tools in substations and power plants to effectively identify, prioritize and handle risks.

In this episode, OMICRON Power Grid Cybersecurity Expert Andreas Klien explains how vulnerability management can lead to more effective cybersecurity in power grids, including the advantages of enhanced system visibility, a comprehensive asset inventory, intrusion detection and proper risk prioritization.

Andreas also describes the challenges of vulnerability management and how OMICRON’s solution, called StationGuard, overcomes these challenges and effectively secures the power system networks it is implemented in.

Learn more about vulnerability management and the critical role it plays in an effective cybersecurity in power grids:

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“Vulnerability management is important because you cannot protect yourself against cyber risks which you don’t even know about.

- Andreas Klien, Power Grid Cybersecurity Expert, OMICRON


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