Improving Power Grid Reliability with Artificial Intelligence

Learn how AI removes knowledge barriers and improves the efficiency of daily tasks.

In this episode, OMICRON digital transformation experts Florian Fink and Juan-Carlos Sánchez discuss how implementing digital tools, such as artificial intelligence (AI), helps optimize power grid reliability. They describe the advantages AI presents to the power industry in removing knowledge barriers and improving the efficiency and accuracy of daily tasks, such as analyzing data to predict and detect failures or to optimize energy distribution.

Florian and Juan-Carlos also discuss the increasing role that AI will play in future power grids and how inter-departmental collaboration will become increasingly important to ensure successful implementation. 

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Artificial intelligence can help automate routine tasks to make us more efficient, and it can greatly reduce the probability of making errors.

Florian Fink, Digital Transition Expert, OMICRON


It is important to remember that your AI strategy is only as good as your data strategy.”

Juan-Carlos Sánchez, Digital Transition Expert, OMICRON

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