02. - 04. декабря 2019

Riyadh Marriott Hotel


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3rd Saudi User Meeting

02. - 04. декабря 2019

Riyadh Marriott Hotel


3rd Saudi User Meeting will be taking place from 2-4 December 2019 in Riyadh Marriott Hotel. This is a unique opportunity to connect with national and international industry experts who will share their knowledge with you. This event is also an opportunity to grow your network, meet peers and exchange market knowledge. 


Topics include: 

  • Power Transformer Testing 
  • Proctection Testing 
  • Instrument Transformers Testing 
  • Rotating Machines Testing 
  • Testing strategies for all phases of the relay life-cycle (including IEC 61850 implications and methodolgy)
  • Partial Discharge diagnosis and monitoring system for various electrical assets 
  • Circuit Breaker Testing 





Dr. Fatmah Baothman

Assistant Professor of Artificial Intelligence

Anis Ben Hammouda

Protection Engineer

Mohammad Surrati

Trainer in Power System Protection

Sahbi Ben Mzoughia

Protection & Control Section Head

Bavley Farid

Regional Application Specialist - Partial Discharge Measurements, OMICRON Electronics

Mohamed Ibrahim Ali

Regional Application Specialist - Power System Protection, OMICRON Electronics

Anas Abdulkhader

Technical and Application Support


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