15. - 17. октября 2024
Германия (Erlangen)
Test Universe, RelaySimTest, Библиотека испытаний защиты (PTL)

Advanced overcurrent, distance, and differential protection testing with CMC

15. - 17. октября 2024
Германия (Erlangen)
Test Universe, RelaySimTest, Библиотека испытаний защиты (PTL)


Expand your testing skills in theoretical and hands-on sessions in small groups. You will get familiar with advanced protection testing approaches in order to get the most out of your OMICRON testing solution. 


  • Perform commissioning, trouble-shooting and periodic tests of protection relays
  • Refresh and expand your knowledge of overcurrent, distance and differential protection
  • Use XRIO converters (relay models) and test templates efficiently
  • Significantly reduce your testing time by using automated test routines
  • Reuse automated test templates to enhance your test quality
  • Combine settings-based testing (Test Universe) and system-based testing (RelaySimTest) for best test coverage


  • Short wrap-up of the test plans created during the preceding course
  • Creating test plans, applying test automation, and hands-on testing
  • Directional and inverse overcurrent protection (IDMT)
  • Distance protection: starting schemes, synchrocheck, power swing blocking
  • Testing of additional functions: switch-onto-fault, autoreclosure, synchrocheck
  • System-based testing of differential protection relays
  • Transformer differential protection (including restricted earth fault)
  • Line differential protection including end-to-end testing



3 days


daily from 08:30 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.


You will receive a personal email with all course information such as agenda and route directions shortly before the training course.  

You can select your desired hotel from our hotel recommendations in the  Training Center Erlangen description (PDF) or at the external portal at HRS  www.omicronacademy.hrs.en and book it directly according to your preferences.  

Price details:  The training, the training documents, the refreshments, the snacks, the lunches and one dinner are included.


Technical staff from utilities & companies working mainly in commissioning or maintenance testing


Training Courses:
“Automated Power System Protection Testing with CMC”

“Automated distance and differential protection testing with CMC” or equivalent knowledge



CMC family

Test Universe & OMICRON Control Center (OCC)

Protection Testing Library (PTL)


ADMO (Data management)

OMICRON Accessories


EUR 2 760
за одного участника, за исключением налогов
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