EtherCAT® hub for CIBANO 500

EHB1 – for tests of large circuit breakers with several CB MC2 and a CB TN3 module

The EHB1 allows the connection of more than four EtherCAT®-compliant devices with CIBANO 500. Depending on the necessary number of EtherCAT® connections any number of hubs can be connected in series. The EHB1 consists of one input and four outputs.

What does it do?
It enables the connection of up to 4 additional EtherCAT®-compliant devices with CIBANO 500.

When is it needed?
When testing large circuit breakers where additional EtherCAT®-sockets are needed.

Key features

  • CIBANO 500 accessory especially designed for tests of large high-voltage circuit breakers with many interrupter units
  • One EtherCAT® input and four outputs for connecting CB MC2 or CB TN3 modules to the EtherCAT® interface of CIBANO 500
  • Allows all important tests of circuit breakers with more than 8 interrupter units without rewiring
  • Tests become more comfortable and safer

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