Benefits of this solution

Easy to transport

Due to its modular design, easily transportable reactors and integrated high-voltage source, this solution is ideal for measuring capacitance and dissipation/power factor on generators and motors in various locations.

Optimum compensation

The CPC 100, CPC TD1 and CP CR500 enable the flexible connection of several reactors in order to ensure that your measurements are performed at nominal frequency.

Detailed analysis

The CPC 100, CP TD1 and CP CR500 feature long test cycles and perform automated voltage and frequency sweeps for more complete and detailed measurement analyses.

Saves time

The CPC software provides you with automated testing procedures and reporting – these features help you to work quickly and more efficiently than ever before.

“The combination of CPC 100, CP TD1 and CP CR500 provides you with a portable diagnostic tool set for capacitance and dissipation/power factor testing to assess the insulation condition of rotating machines.”

“Benefit from the expertise we acquire through the continuous sharing of knowledge .”

We maintain a constant dialogue with users and experts – for example during customer events and conferences all over the world and our collaboration with numerous standardization committees. We also share our knowledge with you in our customer portal and a wide spectrum of training possibilities, including start-up training and webinars.

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