OMICRON Magazine Issue 2 2017

2 OMICRON electronics GmbH, Oberes Ried 1, A-6833 Klaus OMICRON electronics GmbH up! consulting, Ruggell (FL) OMICRON electronics GmbH, CESSA (p.7), Geo. E. Honn Co. Inc. (p.10), EWS Consulting GmbH / Astrid Knie (p.13–14), RITZ Instrument Transformers (p.16–17), R&D Nester (p.19–20), ENERCON GmbH (p.28–30), Shutterstock (p.15–16, 36–37), (p.8, 11–13, 22–23, 25, 40–42) DEAR READERS, Have you already heard about the “Tiny House Movement”? Originating in a country of unlimited space, where more and more people are living in smaller living spaces, this movement has already affected the entire world. If you take a closer look at these tiny homes, they’re not about “weekend-homes”, or the architecture of “need and transition”. With these small, mobile houses a change of posture can be achieved by stepping away from huge single-family-homes. In other words, it’s about going back to the essentials. It’s not a movement about people claiming to be “tinier than thou” but rather about people choosing a simpler and smaller way of living that they feel best suits their lifestyle. The construction of smaller homes can utilize more efficient, natural, healthy, high-quality materials that might not be affordable in larger dwellings. On the website “Small House Society” you can watch video clips that also include an introduction to this philosophy. It is also our goal to provide you with compact, lightweight, mobile and functionality- focused test sets for the diverse measurement tasks in the power industry. Read more about the CPC 100 with the new CPC Sync function, about the online PD-measurement for wind turbines with the OMS 605 and the youngest and most compact family member of the CMC family, the three-phase protection test set CMC 430 which satisfies highly mobile demands. Enjoy reading! Patricia Marte Editor-in-chief OMICRON Magazine Publisher Responsible for content Editorial team and implementation Picture credits E-mail to the editorial team