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According to Wikipedia, the natural number that comes after 19,999 and before 20,001 is “twenty thousand”. So in terms of basic math, the number of 20,000 CMCs that have been sold could simply be seen as a natural progression – but we are far more passionate about it than that: we take pride in this number because the success of the CMC product family is closely linked to the history of our company. the early days When the pilot series of 10 model CMC 56 test sets was produced in March 1991, it was not possible to foresee the path that would be taken by our still young company. A team of what was just seven employees at the time has now become an internationally successful spe- cialist for testing and diagnostic solutions for electrical power supply systems. For herwig Ferstl, one of the company’s first employees and marketing leader for many decades, the experience he had in those days was marked by a spirit of optimism, similar to Silicon valley: “It was an extremely steep learn- ing curve. Because we started out as a telecommunications software company, both the market and the development of the hardware were uncharted terri- How it all began CMCs sOlD 20,000 22