OMICRON Magazine

+ Magazine | Issue 2 2019 The three-phase VBO3 voltage transformer extends the CMC 430’s application area to include testing in renew- able energy installations and industrial networks. The transformer has a transformation ratio of 1:2 and is designed for a nominal frequency of 50/60Hz. Combined with the CMC 430 (standard 6×150V), up to 3× 600V with a common neutral point can be generated using both voltage triples. The new LLX accessory units extend the CMC 430 by making low-level signals available for protection devices with sensor inputs (e. g., for connecting to Rogowski coils) or for connecting amplifiers. You’re able to choose from four different types that cover the various requirements of these applications: › LLX1: Testing devices with sensor inputs › LLX2: Low level interface for external amplifiers and accessories › LLX3: Versatile low level outputs with 4mm| 0.16 in sockets › LLX4: Low level outputs for recloser and sectionalizer controls LLX ACCESSORIES: ADDITIONAL OPTIONS FOR LOW-LEVEL SIGNALS VBO3: VOLTAGE TRANSFORMER PROVIDES PERFORMANCE BOOST 23