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DEAR READERS, Many of us have experienced a slowdown recently. Even though it was a com- pulsory one, you still might have used it as an opportunity to thin out your busy schedule, focus on the essential things and enjoy some quality time. In this case, deceleration has been a good thing. It has allowed us to recharge our batteries and stock up on our energy reserves. Nevertheless, some things often have to speed up so that others can slow down. That is why we put a lot of effort into creating the ideal workflow for our customers with our solutions: the faster and easier they are able to get to their results, the more deceleration they are able to experience in their daily working routine. In terms of acceleration, traveling waves are of great interest to those who are in the asset protection field: As they propagate close to the speed of light, they are the first fault indicators that arrive in protection systems. However, the existing testing solutions based on this new technology are time consuming, complex and incom- plete. We have created a pioneering solution with our new TWX1 accessory for CMC test sets: field tested, user-friendly and highly precise. Salt River Project, who is one of our customers in the US, started a pilot project with us that tests travelling wave relays with TWX1 under “real” world conditions. On page 6 you can read about all the benefits of our findings with them. Working in medium- and high-voltage installations constantly motivates us to make testing with our systems as safe as possible. On page 10 we offer you an insight into our effort to provide the highest possible level of safety in all of our solutions. Over the years, security has become as indispensable as safety. Our response to the growing danger of cyberattacks is a holistic approach towards security. When developing StationGuard, we not only improved the product itself but we also strengthened the entire production chain against various security threats. On page 14 we explain how our StationGuard software satisfies the most stringent requirements in terms of security and integrity. Enjoy reading! Patricia Marte Editor-in-chief OMICRON Magazine OMICRON electronics GmbH, Oberes Ried 1, 6833 Klaus (AT) OMICRON electronics GmbH up! consulting, Ruggell (FL) OMICRON electronics GmbH, (p.1, 4, 6–7, 14–17, 27, 29, 37, 47–51), Salt River Project (p.9), Electrix (p.39), Leidy Engineering Sales, Inc. (p.46) Publisher Responsible for content Editorial team and implementation Picture credits E-mail to the editorial team t 2