OMICRON Magazine

Magazine | Issue 1 2021 43 Due to these challenging times, we mobilised quickly to find new ways of staying in touch with you. We were able to act fast and utilize new digital technology for reaching out to you with knowledge and support … OUR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION By embracing new digital communication tools, we can support you in more ways than ever before VIRTUAL EVENTS With the shift from physical events to virtual ones, our dedicated team swung into action to find new digital platforms for hosting events. As a result, we are now able to host different types of virtual events in various languages, with the aim of con- necting the power system engineering community. Dutch: Klantendag French: Rendez-vous Test et Réseau Russian: Protection Day English: OMICRON 3D Transformer Class OMICRON Diagnostic Forum OMICRON ACADEMY TRAINING WEBINARS Our training webinars are built around real testing situations and given by experienced trainers – they are ideal for technical staff from electrical utilities, industrial plants, equipment manufacturers and service companies. We can also customise our webinars to suit your needs.