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Magazine | Issue 1 2022 Which assets and voltage levels is the SAA2 lamp used for in your company? We use the SAA2 predominantly for running diagnostic tests on current transformers, voltage transformers, and power transformers between 11kV and 220 kV. We’ve also used the SAA2 while performing injections on large switchboards located in switchrooms. We found that placing a SAA2 at the end of the switchboard closest to an entry point makes it very clear to anyone who might enter that a test is in progress, and they need to remain clear of the device. Which features of the SAA2 lamp are indispensable for you and have the most value? Although we certainly appreciate the flashing LEDs and the clear alert tone, personally, it’s the “emergency off” feature that I value most. The commissioning engineer or technician controlling the test is often alternating between their laptop or interface and the test equipment, communicating with the test team and their test plan. The SAA2 allows team members to take control of their safety by using the “emergency off” feature when interacting with the asset instead of relying on communication. In addition, they’re able to isolate the current test if they see something that’s not right. That’s a valuable addition to a test setup and provides a safer working environment. Which future trends do you see regarding safety in HV testing? ›› Future trends include the further integration of test sets and test plans. Reducing the amount of setup time between tests by performing a variety of measurements with the same equipment and set. ›› We would like to see continued discussions with asset manufacturers about providing accessible test points for the connection and disconnection of testing equipment. ›› Being able to combine the SAA2 with more products would be fantastic. ›› Quite often, multiple connections are required for test leads and clamps that are supplied. Perhaps a package of test leads and clamps could be made available, one that’s suitable for high voltage and heavy current testing with the same specs as OMICRON issued leads? ›› Longer communication cables (or a variety of cable lengths) between SAA devices. ›› I’m also interested in the continued development of Arc Flash protection. Do you have anything else that you’d like to add? I feel fortunate to work as a commissioning engineer within an industry that’s constantly evolving and growing. It’s a privilege to be challenged regularly and stimulated in our technical roles. At the same time, we feel rewarded by our contribution to playing an essential part in supplying power to communities. In saying that, the most important thing is that each commissioning engineer or technician can perform their tasks safely and return to their families and loved ones each day. Safety must always remain the number one priority in our industry. My colleagues and I are thankful that we have aligned our business with OMICRON. It’s clear that OMICRON is a company that shares our safety values and seeks to continuously improve the use of their products. Adopting the SAA2 in our business has already resulted in using testing equipment more safely and has improved testing methodology for our team. As this device is used more widely in our industry, I think it will create a safer environment for everyone. Thank you, for talking to us. «The SAA2 allows team members to take control of their safety by using the ‹emergency off› feature when interacting with the asset instead of relying on communication.» 38