OMICRON Magazine

Magazine | Issue 1 2022 An incident occurred in our industry about 18 months ago, and we paid close attention to it, as this could be something that would be relevant to our team. A utility technician was performing tests on a transformer as part of a two-person team. There was a communication breakdown whereby a team member prematurely accessed a test clamp. The neutral bushing with the asset was still under test, which resulted in an arc flash that burned that person. It raised a few questions: What was the communication like? How was the testing team controlling the equipment? Did the technician have any awareness of the test status? How did you become aware of our safety products, especially the SAA2? I was browsing the OMICRON website and came across the SAA2. It made «Working in this type of environment requires significant attention to detail when it comes to controlling the work boundary or permitted area.» Ash Murphy, Director and Power Systems Specialist, Tech West Power me think about the technician who was unaware that the test was being executed in the incident mentioned above. The SAA2 is the perfect device for ensuring that each team member can remain aware of a test’s status. They can apply their own emergency button when required and can only release their “safety emergency off” when they are clear of the apparatus. The flashing LED, and audible tone also serve as reminders or warnings that the test is still running and all personnel need to stand clear. We discussed this in the team at Tech West Power and were eager to have this device as part of our test setup. So we ordered a set. SAA2 in use onsite during transformer testing. 37