OMICRON Magazine

Magazine | Issue 1 2022 News 20 TESTRANO 600: What’s new? Listen to what your on-load tap changer has to say REGIONAL 34 Looking back Marko Ruotsalainen looks back on his time as a OMICRON sales partner in Finland Background 6 A playground for electrical power industry engineers Experience the OMICRON Customer Care Center (OCC) in Klaus, Austria 26 Viewpoints How did you become an engineer and what’s your passion for daily work? Products and technology 10 Pushing the practical applications of Sampled Values IEC 61850 – History and latest developments 12 Mastering the art of UHF partial discharge measurements Our new UHF 800 offers you an optimal signal-to-noise ratio Customer Stories 14 CPC 100 + CP CU1: Protecting people and their surroundings Gustav Lundqvist writes about how he and his team at Kraftdiagnos test touch voltage levels on power lines 17 RelaySimTest simplifies crucial protection testing points What really counts on site 22 PG&E deploys reclosers to help mitigate wildfire risks It’s not just about investing in equipment. It’s also about investing in education. 27 100 years of circuit breaker testing experience Qirion Netherlands – a CIBANO 500 power user 30 Ready for an emergency Ramp-up networks as an alternative to rapid grid restoration 36 SAA2 – A small accessory with significant impact The importance of safety products during testing Events 40 What’s going on 5