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Power transformers, medium and high voltage switchboard sections, cable reels, instrument transformers, protection equipment cabinets, and much more – assets as far as the eye can see. The hall looks a little like an indoor playground: “A playground for electrical power enthusiasts,“ laughs Friedrich Almer, the Project Lead and Application Engineer at OMICRON. He’s standing in the showroom, the linchpin of Klaus’s new OMICRON Customer Care Center. In the past few months, Friedrich and his broad-based project team have made sure that 750m2 (approx. 8,000 ft²) are stocked with everything that makes the hearts of electrical power industry engineers beat faster. It’s filled with rotating machines and power transformers, protection technology, and process control systems, including IEC 61850-compliant products. Intelligent secondary substations and entire medium and high voltage switchboard sections can also be found in the showroom – along with an extensive portfolio of testing and diagnostic solutions combined with expert knowledge. In the spring of 2020, we were able to take over an empty company building a stone’s throw away from the OMICRON Development Center. With a few adjustments, we’ve now turned it into the OMICRON Customer Care Center. We envisioned a conducive environment for exchanging knowledge and communicating with our customers, a place that would make optimum support readily available. The showroom offers numerous new approaches for product demonstrations, training courses, company tours, and events. It provides a unique online and on-site experience for our customers worldwide. “Participants have a front-row seat” The first virtual live demonstration took place in the showroom in October 2020. A customer from the USA requested a startup training course for a 70 kV series-resonant source for testing cables and switchgear. “It wasn’t possible to travel then, so we had to find a virtual solution. I wasn’t sure at first whether it would actually work,” A PLAYGROUND FOR ELECTRICAL POWER INDUSTRY ENGINEERS Experience the OMICRON Customer Care Center (OCC) in Klaus, Austria 6