OMICRON Magazine

Magazine | Issue 2 2022 NEWS 36 … it just keeps on growing 15 Years of our Protection Testing Library REGIONAL 38 On site: OMICRON in Slovenia David Bucaj from ACINEL gives us his insight into the power sector BACKGROUND 12 Prick up your ears! Energy Talks celebrates one year on the air 21 Application knowledge “to go” Webinar recordings from the OMICRON Academy CUSTOMER STORIES 14 Rocking the Middle East and Africa COMPANO 100 captures new markets in a flash EVENTS 44 What’s going on PRODUCTS AND TECHNOLOGY 6 Security assessment findings in substations and power plants Frequently occurring risks encountered while traveling around the world 9 Digital transformation Ongoing changes caused by digital technology 18 From newcomer to technology leader 10 Years of CIBANO 500 24 When an outage is costly Efficient testing for ensuring fault-free high-speed transfer systems 27 A powerful combination for power transformer testing In-depth on-load tap changer analysis with TESTRANO 600 and PTM 4.90 30 Reducing the network load in digital substations With configurable datasets in Sampled Values according to IEC 61869-9 32 Observing partial discharge over time MONTESTO 200 is our portable system for temporary online PD monitoring and trending insulation status between diagnostic checks. 40 Higher data quality with artificial intelligence 5