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EXAMPLE 3: THIS IS WHERE TESTING MEETS MOBILITY The railway sector is growing rapidly worldwide, and with it, the demand for testing railway systems. This is why Josef Schmidbauer, Product Manager for COMPANO 100 at OMICRON, is receiving more requests. As a portable and multifunctional test device, COMPANO 100 is particularly well suited to the needs of customers in the railway sector. Hello Josef, thanks for your time. What can COMPANO 100 perform in the rail sector? Josef: COMPANO 100 is often used for basic current and voltage transformer tests. However, it can also be used for micro-ohm measurements – which are necessary when testing rails and other equipment grounding. With up to 1,000 watts of power and 100 amps of test current, plenty of reserves exist. This allows testing for EN50122 or EN50153 with the required cable lengths and currents. Which testing functions are currently in demand? Recently, we have received more and more requests for testing DC protection systems. Here COMPANO 100 is well suited for direct testing of DC overcurrent protection (IDMT) since a DC output is possible. In addition, there is interest in testing di/dt protection functions – which require a continuous current ramp as a test signal. What exactly is the di/dt protection function for? As with almost all protection functions, the aim is to detect faults in the system and minimize damage to people and equipment. In the event of a fault in the DC rail power supply, the current rises rapidly. While an overcurrent protection only switches off when a certain value is reached – a relay with di/dt protection function detects that the current is rising faster than allowed and can switch off more quickly. How well does the new function work in the field? During development, we could already test the new function with railway customers from Asia and Europe on protection relays from various manufacturers. The tests went very well, and testing the new function outside the laboratory was helpful. In addition, the exchange with customers in the field provided important feedback for further product development. Thanks for your time. Pantograph used to connect train to catenary