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Testing equipment advantages The CPC 100 has many advantages compared to a rotating generator test system. A generator will often start to oscillate if used on parallel power lines, which does not happen with the CPC 100. The CP CU1 has a 10 A setting, which means a 1:2 ratio is used, lowering the induced voltage sent to the CPC 100. The CP CU1 is an amazing, comprehensive system, but we started to build a heavier 40 kg (88 lbs.) fixed 1:2 one-phase transformer. The CPC 100 could drive 15 A with the 1:2 ratio, which means 50% more power for measurements! Adding more power with CPCSync This specialized system has 3,000V insulation. In the future, we aim to use the CPCSync which synchronizes up to three CPC 100 testing systems. For this application, we will use the CPCSync with only two CPC 100 devices and a 1:6 transformer, enabling us to do the job and handle an induction of up to 3,000V. One CPC 100 device can be used on each phase. The first CPC 100 device pulses for four seconds, after two seconds we start the next CPC 100 device that pulses for four seconds. Both CPC 100 devices can be set with the same rest time, for example 24 seconds. The two systems work together without disturbing each other. Saving time and costs This setup provides us with a big advantage, in that a power line can be tested in a third of the time, compared to using only one single CPC 100 system. This saves a lot costs for the grid provider, who wants to minimize expensive outages. Kraftdiagnos is a service company that performs diagnostic measurements on medium- and high-voltage equipment for electrical utility companies throughout Sweden. Be sure to listen to our Energy Talks Podcast Series Episode Number 21 about induction testing on power lines with Gustav Lundqvist. Scan the QR-Code or visit: LISTEN TO THE PODCAST Interested in this topic? Did you know? Gustav Lundqvist started Kraftdiagnos in 2019 travelling to remote locations in Sweden, mostly on foot, while carrying his measurement equipment in a backpack. Accompanied by his pet dog, Nisse, Gustav primarily performed earthing measurements, also known as grounding measurements, using our CPC 100 and COMPANO 100 systems. Since then, he has grown his company and increased the types of measurements performed for customers. Be sure to listen to our Energy Talks Podcast Series Episode Number 3, in which Gustav Lundqvist describes his measurement adventures on foot to remote locations in Sweden and why he believes that OMICRON is not a company but a lifestyle. 16