OMICRON Magazine

Magazine | Issue 1 2022 Did you stay focused on secondary test sets? No, the idea that the market for secondary test sets would be saturated soon became a matter of discussion between OMICRON and its Sales Partners. Satisfied OMICRON users had also requested primary test sets. OMICRON responded with another innovation – the CPC 100. Siemens bought the device immediately, as we knew that the best way to sell new products is to use them yourself. I specialized in promoting ground impedance measurements with the CPC 100, as there was a growing demand to increase distance protection selectivity with impedance measurements. What happened next? In 2006 I got to know the OMICRON MPD analysis system. I remember how excited I had been about a completely new and innovative partial discharge (PD) measurement system. The purchase of a PD analysis system is a significant investment, so many customers want to see the MPD system in practice in their environments. PD measurements are very noise-sensitive, so it can be very difficult to absorb disturbances. In many cases, we had to demonstrate the functionality of the equipment in highly demanding conditions. Do you have a concrete example? Yes, I do. I still remember when Alexander Kraetge from OMICRON and I demonstrated the MPD 600 at a transformer factory. Several vendors had already been there before us, and their results were less than successful. So, the customer’s expectations were not high. The demonstration took place in an open testing field inside the production area. We managed to carry out the measurements successfully, and the customer decided to order the system immediately. That convinced me that the MPD 600 is probably the most advanced PD measuring system on the market. Since then, several such systems have been delivered to customers in Finland, including transformer manufacturers, cable manufacturers, and service companies. What is your personal plan for the future? Today I’m working at Siemens Energy High Voltage Transmission product business. From that perspective, I’m still following what’s happening in the market in terms of primary testing solutions, and I think OMICRON still has a lot of potential for a great future there. Thank you for talking to us. 35