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Magazine | Issue 2 2022 What’s the situation with gas-insulated switchgear like? Having both sides grounded is a safety requirement that also applies to gas-insulated switchgear. Three years after the device was launched, we developed a new measurement method that could guarantee it. Current sensor measurement (CSM) uses Rogowski coils to measure the time when the current in the ground path changes. The CSM method has rapidly established itself as the new standard for timing analysis in GIS, and other manufacturers are now offering it as well. The measurement method is described in this video: What advantages does the CIBANO 500 offer for medium-voltage circuit breakers? It’s also been possible to test medium-voltage breakers with efficiency. Since its market launch in 2013, it has tended to be more straightforward. The internal voltage source was beneficial, as the breakers are often fully withdrawn. However, its functionality has been extended dramatically in recent years. A measurement method for voltagebased timing (VTM) measurements in sealed installations was introduced, followed by tests for undervoltage coils and overcurrent releases. In the latest 4.90 version of the Primary Test Manager™ (PTM) control software, the VTM measurement is also analyzed automatically via the capacitive taps. MISSED THE FIRST PART? In Part 1 you can read why leading testing providers are opting for CIBANO 500. Scan the QR code or visit: 19