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Magazine | Issue 2 2022 Protection Testing Templates (PTTs) – TU-based and RST-based Structure of XRIO Converter with RelayParameterSection protection functions, the attached test template shows an example of how testing these functions might look. Due to the diversity of different installation concepts and protection philosophies, test examples are unavailable for all of a protection device’s functions. However, smaller and larger adjustments can be made directly in the available templates. The picture looks slightly different when test templates are used for protection tests on decentralized energy generation facilities. Suppose national guidelines and standards are available that precisely describe the protection settings and the test. In that case, we can reproduce them in test templates. Examples include test templates for the VDE4110, TORD4, and G99 guidelines. RelaySimTest (RST) – Increasing the range of PTL functions Since 2021, RST test templates have been under development for the latest generation of protection devices and managed with concise PTL documentation. The functional range of RST files has been selected to add more diversity to TU-based test templates in the PTL. For example, tests for autoreclosure (ARC) and signal comparison are briefly described in the documentation. They also provide a solid introduction to system-based testing using RST. Always up-to-date After 15 years of continuous development, the PTL continues to grow. We are constantly adding to the PTL with the latest generation of relays and keeping the existing content up-todate. In the meantime, we’re always looking for new features and applications that can be included in the PTL to make the tasks our users carry out every day easier. Distance Module Ramping Module Object XRIO Converter Link to XRIO RIO Interface 37