The Fight for Technical Talent in the Power Industry

Learn how OMICRON’s core values of innovation, diversity and inclusion attract and keep employees.

In this episode, we address a topic not directly related to power system testing, but one which is increasingly affecting many organizations in the power industry. This topic is commonly referred to as the “fight for talent”.                       

Growing organizations are confronted with an increasingly competitive situation for recruiting and retaining talented employees, especially in technical fields. How are organizations in the power industry dealing with this situation?

OMICRON human resources experts Cordula Böhmerand Ruben Fuentes share their experiences and insights into this topic. They also describe how OMICRON endeavors to expand its talent pool by offering inspiring working conditions. These are based on core values that keep the company focused on developing innovative solutions for its customers and creating a great place to work for its teams worldwide.

Learn about the OMICRON working culture and career opportunities on our job platform: 



We try to form diverse teams wherever possible to benefit from many different perspectives.”

Cordula Böhmer, International Human Resources, OMICRON


Our vision at OMICRON focuses on how we innovate with passion and create the best place to work.

Ruben Fuentes, International Human Resources, OMICRON

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