Finding Hot Spots in Stator Cores of Rotating Electrical Machines

How electromagnetic imperfection measurements help you assess condition and detect damaging faults.

Rotating machines, such as generators and motors, are exposed to thermal, electrical, ambient, and mechanical stresses during operation, which can alter their condition and performance over time. Periodic tests and inspections are recommended to detect faults and prevent serious damage and failure in machines.

In this episode, OMICRON rotating machines testing expert, Fabian Öttl, talks about electromagnetic imperfection measurements (also known as ELCID testing), which are performed to assess the condition of and locate damaging faults in the stator cores of large generators and motors. 

Fabian describes the importance of these measurements and how they are performed through actual case examples. Specifically, he describes how he worked with customers to develop an easy-to-use solution for electromagnetic imperfection measurements performed with OMICRON’s CPC 100 multifunctional testing device and Primary Test Manager software.

Learn more about electromagnetic imperfection measurements using the OMICRON solution: 

Stator Core Measurement Upgrade Option


Customers told us that current solutions for ELCID measurements were too cumbersome, so we focussed on ease-of-use in the OMICRON solution.”

- Fabian Öttl, Rotating Machines Expert, OMICRON


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