Industry 4.0 and Its Impact on the Power Industry

Learn more about how Industry 4.0 is influencing power system testing and best practices for implementation.

Industry 4.0 signifies the fourth stage of an ever-evolving industrial revolution and focuses on greater operational efficiency and sustainability through new technological advancements.

These advancements include, for example, the use of smart sensors and monitoring systems in support of condition-based maintenance; artificial intelligence for processing large amounts of collected data and aiding in asset-related decision making; as well as digital connectivity, cloud-based software solutions and cybersecurity.

In this episode of Energy Talks, we discover how Industry 4.0 is impacting the electrical power industry. Our guests include Mateus Nicoladelli de Oliveira. He is an Industry 4.0 expert and Digital Business Developer at WEG, an international company based in Brazil that develops technologies and solutions which contribute to a more efficient and sustainable world. Also joining the discussion is Guilherme Penariol. He is theRegional Application Sales Manager and Industry 4.0 enthusiast at OMICRON in Brazil.

Mateus and Guilherme highlight the significance of Industry 4.0, the new technologies used, the opportunities and challenges Industry 4.0 presents to organizations in the power industry, and how to implement it for the best outcome.


“For a more successful and sustainable outcome, it is very important to take a step-by-step implementation approach with new Industry 4.0 technologies and practices.

- Mateus Nicoladelli de Oliveira, Digital Business Developer, WEG

“Industry 4.0 is changing the way we work with condition-based data to make more effective decisions.”

- Guilherme Penariol, Industry 4.0 Enthusiast, OMICRON Brazil



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