Measuring a black start test with 34 OMICRON DANEO 400 devices

Get a glimpse behind the scenes of the largest grid restoration project in Germany to date

"The risk of a large-scale and long-lasting power outage in Europe is increasing"—this statement reflects the view of many experts today. Various parties in the energy supply field, especially power plant and grid operators, are doing everything possible to ensure this scenario does not occur. Nevertheless, its likelihood is increasing.

Therefore, it's good to know that specific procedures are in place in the event of an emergency. Specially trained engineers rehearse various scenarios and are ready to spring into action to restore our energy supply. Just like the engineers at Amprion, Transnet BW, and Schluchseewerk AG, who together have performed the largest grid restoration test in Germany with OMICRON's support.

Lukas Dieterich, Application Engineer at OMICRON, accompanied the project and was responsible for the measurements during the black start. In this episode, he gives an insight into the preparation, execution, and challenges of this huge grid restoration exercise.

Learn more about the DANEO 400:

DANEO 400 


The fact that this was the largest project of this type in Germany became apparent when we prepared and configured all the equipment and had to handle the logistics.

- Lukas Dieterich, Application Engineer, OMICRON


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